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Day 236/365

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing praises to God, while the other prisoners listened. Suddenly a strong earthquake shook the jail to its foundations. The doors opened, and the chains fell from all the prisoners. When the jailer woke up and saw that the doors were open, he thought that the prisoners had escaped. He pulled out his sword and was about to kill himself. But Paul shouted, “Don't harm yourself! No one has escaped.” The jailer asked for a torch and went into the jail. He was shaking all over as he knelt down in front of Paul and Silas. After he had led them out of the jail, he asked, “What must I do to be saved?” They replied, “Have faith in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved! This is also true for everyone who lives in your home.” (Acts‬ ‭16:25)‬‬

I'm not sure what you make of this story, but (for me), GOD seems more interested in bringing life to the dying souls of the jailer, his family and the other prisoners, than he is in the comfort of his servants.

Through my trials with cancer, subsequent heart attacks and all the other peripheral la la that continually accompanies these things, I told the devil very clearly that he would regret throwing these troubles on me as I would make it my business to share my testimony of a Living and Loving GOD with as many people as I could - and I have.

Heavenly Father, we’re not just here to take up space snd suck up oxygen. Open our hearts, eyes and ears to know what ‘You’ want from us … ❤️

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