• Warren

Day 192/365

“In all your ways know and acknowledge and recognize Him, And He will make your paths straight and smooth [removing obstacles that block your way].” (Pro‬ ‭3:6‬)

I've just been looking at a picture of young Lydia actually standing up on her own by her hospital bed, for the first time in 11 weeks! OK it was only for a couple of seconds, but considering all that she’d gone through, this was an awesome achievement- thank you Lord.

So, what about you, what are you going through right now? Fear brings either multiple choices, or keeps us frozen in inactivity. Bottom line, we can easily ignore the Lord’s outstretched and helping hand …

“Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord [with reverent awe and obedience] and turn [entirely] away from evil. It will be health to your body [your marrow, your nerves, your sinews, your muscles—all your inner parts] And refreshment (physical well-being) to your bones.” (‭‭Pro‬ ‭3:7) ❤️

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