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Day 167/365

… how bold and free we then become in his presence, freely asking according to his will, sure that he’s listening. (1 John 5:13)

I heard a testimony once of a young woman who grew up in a loving Christian family but got in with a bad crowd and ran far away from home. For years her parents heard very little about her, only that she was living a very toxic life, gotten badly into drugs, been in and out of prison, etc.

She had a younger brother and while she was still at home she mercilessly picked on him to the point where he grew to simply hate her. In fact his hatred grew from boiling hot lava to cold, hard, steel.

She never returned home and her parents subsequently died broken hearted, never seeing her again.

One day her brother was being interviewed by a Christian Counsellor and he let slip that he had a wayward sister. Hearing GOD, the counsellor wouldn’t (couldn’t) let go and after many hours got the young man to the point where the cold hard hatred within him began to boil and soften and ultimately spewed out like a volcano.

What he didn’t know is that at the very hour he was wrestling with forgiveness, his sister had had enough and was trying to kill herself with an overdose!

Miracle of miracles, as his heart softened enough to forgive her, she was found and helped in time by a Christian Pastor who helped her through.

Long story short, both she and her brother are now totally set free and reunited.

GOD answers prayer – it might not be in the way, or time we prefer. But Child of the Living GOD, He DOES ALWAYS ANSWER! ❤️

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