• Warren

Day 144/365

“You will lead me along the path of life. Because you are with me, I am very happy. I know that I will be with you for ever, and that makes me very happy!” (Psa ‭16:11‬)

Isn't this what we all really want, especially when we ’feel’ overwhelmed, separated and alone?

But the older we get the more we realise that our ‘feelings’ aren’t always true! in fact they are quite often subject to a variety of varying outside influences; mental, physical and spiritual.

We can only overcome these feelings by ‘choosing’ to be calmly led each day, along each way, and that way we can know and recognise the peaceful loving Presence of GOD at all times - whatever confronts us!

“My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me. I give to them the gift of eternal life and they will never be lost and no one has the power to snatch them out of my hands.” (John‬ ‭10:27) ❤️

LYDIA PRAYER UPDATE - (From her parents) “Just got home from a tricky afternoon. Lydia was very tired and weak today. Almost panicky. She is going in the right direction but still challenges ahead. They are hoping to do a liver biopsy later this week. Please pray this evening that she can actually get into a comfortable position and sleep for a long time. Last night she only got 2 hours sleep and it isn't helping her to feel better or gain strength. It is so hard to leave her when she is so low and feeling so ill.

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