• Warren

Day 137/365

(Jesus speaking) “I promise that I will never leave you helpless or abandon you as orphans—I will come back to you! Soon I will leave this world and they will see me no longer, but you will see me, because I will live again, and you will come alive too. So when that day comes, you will know that I am living in the Father and that you are one with me, for I will be living in you.” (John‬ ‭14:18)

I had a vision once where Jesus specifically told me, “Hold onto me and don’t believe all you see! To my shame, everything that subsequently happened seemed so real and awful that I panicked and let go ... like Peter, I too got a sharp rebuke for not believing him.

I’m sure that many reading this will admit that sometimes they feel like the promises of GOD seem so ‘distant’ and maybe they’re for someone else but not me! But this is NOT the case!

REMEMBER, as the Christ of GOD, Jesus’s promises to us are all underwritten by GOD Himself.

We might not see him in the form he took 2,000 years ago - but we will see him. Maybe in the face of a child. Or a loved one. Or a Doctor or Nurse ... or even a beggar.

But we will see him, whenever we need to. ❤️

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