• Warren

Day 124/365

“Come,” says the Holy Spirit and the Bride in divine duet. (Rev 22:17‬)

This reminds me of a beautifully worded song called Lovers Fire by Jarrod Cooper. Draw near and embrace the truth here.

Come aside and pray

for a while, won't you stay,

we could walk in the cool of the day

We could sit holding hands,

Dreaming dreams, making plans

Or talk of nothing,

Sometimes plans get in the way

I want to see your face

To tell you of my grace

I love to see you smile

and linger just awhile

in my warm embrace

I love to hear you say

the tales of where we've been

Taking time to remember

So our love is not an ember

but a lovers raging fire

Yes I'm a warrior and a friend

your Father till the end

I'm your lover, your husband, your life

And though I'm fearfully holy

my blood has made you worthy

so come close, my bride, my wife

Every time that you fear me,

Or feel guilty, don't come near me

your conscience leads you away

But realise, by faith,

that you wholly in my grace

I accept you, I love you your dear

I can change you, as long as you're near ...



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