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Day 106/365

Your daughter has passed away. She’s gone.” When Jesus heard this, he turned to Jairus and said, “Don’t yield to your fear. Have faith in me and she will live again.”

When they arrived at the house, Jesus allowed only Peter, John, and Jacob—along with the child’s parents—to go inside. Jesus told those left outside, who were sobbing and wailing with grief, “Stop crying. She is not dead; she’s just asleep and must be awakened.” They laughed at him, knowing for certain that she had died.

Jesus approached the body, took the girl by her hand, and called out with a loud voice, “My sleeping child, awake! Rise up!” Instantly her spirit returned to her body and she stood up. Jesus directed her stunned parents to give her something to eat and ordered them to tell no one what just happened. (Luke‬ ‭8:49)

Our new life in Christ isn’t anything remotely like our old life. We shouldn’t even be using the worlds maxims ‘believe for the best (but prepare for the worst)!’

Our ‘faith‘ is, and can only ever be based on our living relationship with GOD through the Holy Spirit of Jesus. We should always be asking (praying) for guidance; i.e. This is what the doctors say, but what do You say? This is what my finances say, but what do You say? This is what my wife/husband/friend says ... This is where I’ve gotten myself ...

Bottom line - just as a child runs naturally to its parent for support, our ‘faith’ should always ‘rest’ in our GOD, who’s ‘final’ Word determines our future! ❤️

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