• Warren

Day 101/365

... as you labor together with us through prayer. Because there are so many interceding for us, our deliverance will cause even more people to give thanks to God. What a gracious gift of mercy surrounds us because of your prayers! (2 Cor 1:11‬)

I’ve told this story before, so please forgive me if you’ve heard it before. I was once just sat in the lounge watching TV when my wife walked in and said “you never intercede do you ...?”

To say that I was shocked would have been an understatement! I was just about to fire back, when the Holy Spirit said “actually she’s right, you don’t.” Before I could respond, he said “pray to me for (a certain lady),” I groaned in response. “Why her Lord? She’s never happy and always moaning about everything and I ...?”

Before I could say more, I was taken to a hot desert kind of Sahara landscape. There was a huge wall to my left about 20 metres high and seemed to encircle some sort of structure. I caught sight of the Lord walking about 20 metres ahead and tried to run to him, but the hot cloying sand was doing it’s best to hinder my progress.

All along the sandstone wall there were huge blasted scorch marks and some of the tops had semi circular pieces missing as if they were bite marks? I finally caught up with the Lord as He was stood on a pair of huge gates which had been somehow rammed inwards, the hinges visible and broken. “I panted out my question, “what is this broken place Lord?” The Lord said, “this is (lady’s name) life.“

Inside looked like a battle ground. The land was devastated, trees uprooted, her fountain was stopped and no sounds of life ...! Cutting a long story short, the Lord gave me some Angels and the whole place was restored and transformed. As I walked out and closed the gates a voice said gently, “that is true intercession, and she will never even know you’ve been and restored her garden.“

Shortly after that she transformed indeed. She became a good family friend and a strong support for my wife and a beautiful part of the fellowship in the area. ❤️

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