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Got this from FFOZ and it got me thinking … thoughts? We have not touched you and have done to you nothing but good and have sent you away in peace. (Genesis 26:29)

The Philistines asked Isaac for a covenant of peace on the basis that they had done “nothing but good” to him and that they had sent him away in peace. Isaac must have had to bite his tongue. Nothing but good? Sent me away in peace? Weren’t these the same Philistines who had driven him out their territory? Weren’t they the same Philistines who had pursued him into the Negev and took away his wells? How could they say they had done nothing but good?

Actually, this was how the Philistines apologized for the evil they had done to him and for sending him away in strife. Some people cannot apologize properly. Their ego prevents them from ever admitting any wrong on their own part. Deep inside, such a person knows that he is at fault and that he needs to make some sort of conciliatory effort, but an apology is not even a remote possibility. His pride forbids him.

For example, suppose your sister is upset and says some caustic things to you. A few days later you see her again and expect that she is still angry. Instead she converses with you as if her outburst a few days ago had never happened. You are bewildered. She was unkind just a few days ago, but now she is speaking to you as if the entire incident has been completely forgotten. This is her way of apologizing.

Isaac was willing to overlook the foolish pride of the Philistines in order to make peace with them. So too we should accept even half-hearted attempts at reconciliation. We should not demand a formal apology. Instead we should be willing to take whatever modicum of peace our adversary offers.

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