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KARP - Book one

 17 - 77 AD

                   Warren has a truly lovely way of creating a sense of place. I was right there in each and every scene, experiencing the joy and elation, pain and suffering - feeling the heat of the flames, tasting the sand in my mouth, recoiling from the stinking flesh… his writing has such a filmic quality to it.
(Paula Marvelly - Acclaimed Author)



As I mentioned on the Home Page, I actually 'saw' some of this book in a dream or vision way back in the 1980s. I was so excited that I went straight into a local Library the next day and tried to find out if what I 'saw' actually happened. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my hero was real!  Anyway, the rest of the adventure is for you to enjoy. 


Those that have proofread the book tell me that "KARP is a powerful epic in the tradition of The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur or The Exodus".


The Adventure is mainly set in late first-century Ephesus, the book ultimately revolves around a young boy called Polykarpos – or Karp for short. The book recounts his extraordinary deeds as he grows into manhood alongside some of history's most ordinary men and women - who, young and old, fought through the most challenging circumstances of their very lives, renounced their fear and became exemplary heroes to us all. 

We are primarily invited into Karp’s broken life to witness how he handles some of life’s awful choices, from the appalling death of his whole family to the love he finds at the hands of an old and lonely spinster. 

The scene is set over 50 years after the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus, and we see how they cope together with the impact this event has had on them all. As each character’s unique journey develops, we see how the initially disparate life lessons of a few capricious individuals from varying classes are seamlessly woven together to create a beautiful tapestry of unprecedented hope. 

Kings and Queens, paupers, thieves and beggars. As we meet each character and they open up their lives to examination, we see how similar we all really are - whatever year we're in. How the same grasping passions of greed, fear, doubt and even self-loathing run through us all. 

We watch as Karp’s life becomes ever intrinsically intertwined throughout each person he meets, and as everyone’s life begins to develop, so, in turn, does Karp, his personality, and ultimately his character. 

From helping a King to rescue a kidnapped princess and working with the occupying Roman forces to rid the islands of evil marauding pirates to then dealing with the terrible demonic powers at the temple of Artemis of Ephesus, Karp is always at the forefront of events and spurring us all on to ever choose the greater path of faith. 

Many of the characters you'll meet have already enjoyed a footnote in Christian lore and world mythology and are brought back into the light within the pages of this book. As we investigate their lives through the light of this book, I believe that we too will be challenged by their choices.

Author’s Note: “I have asked non-believers and believers from all denominations to proofread this book and am Blessed to have had nothing but encouragement to do my best to get it published. The unanimous consensus is, “Get it out there now; people really need to read this.” 

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Your love, support, prayers and feedback would be incredibly appreciated.

Thank you

Warren Wysocki


Adventures & Angels

Book 1 is currently awaiting production and will be available during mid-August 2022 in both print and eBook


Just read your script below and what can I say …


I was held absolutely riveted and hooked from the very first paragraph. Such accomplished prose, Warren - so beautifully written with such incredibly well-developed characters - the unnamed old man, John, Karp. Wonderful moments of humour (the names of the sheep, for example!) amidst the heart-wrenching descriptions of loss and despair, without ever being melodramatic - abandonment by the mother, the fire, the sand storm, cholera. Oh God, could it get any worse for the young boy? (I am wondering if Karp is the one being burnt in the Prologue in the future, by the way?)


You also have a truly lovely way of creating a sense of place. I was right there in each and every scene, experiencing the joy and elation, pain and suffering - feeling the heat of the flames, tasting the sand in my mouth, recoiling from the stinking flesh… It has such a filmic quality to it (reminding me of one of my all-time favourite films, Ben Hur!). 


At the end of each section, I wanted to move on quickly to find out what happens next, which is a skill in itself. Do persevere, I think you have written something deeply profound and moving as well as being a literary page-turner. Not many people can do that!

I’ve actually read Book 1 twice! It is so beautifully written. It is one of those books that you can’t put down, books like this are so rare these days. The description of people and places made me feel as though I was there on the journey. Parts of the story, especially those encounters with Jesus, really makes one’s spirit soar. The reader gets to know the characters, both good and bad, their feelings and motives, as though being present at the many encounters and adventures they experienced. All in all an exceptional read, I’m looking forward to reading further books to come. 

Paula Marvelly - Professional Author and Book Reader

John Smith - Retired Engineer and Church Pastor