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Me …? Just think of me as an awe-struck, wide-eyed, sometimes lost, (yet always found), hungry traveller,
telling you as another traveller, where I just found some delicious (and FREE) bread … ♥

Cups of Coffee

Warren was born in GOD’s own country (Yorkshire to the uninitiated), to immigrant parents. His father was from Poland and his mother was from Italy. Both of them were lured to England after the second world war because “the streets were paved with gold.”


Even though times were hard for immigrants after the war, he grew up loving his adoptive country and especially excelled at school in literature. He read avidly, and as there was a street lamp outside his bedroom window he would read every night well into the wee hours - everything from the Beano to his favourite library book, which was a huge tome on Iranian folk tales that kept him enthralled for months - marvellous.


Wanting him to follow in her brother's footsteps in Italy, his mother sacrificed and placed him in a private business college, where his first job after leaving was giving commercial support to a bunch of American management consultants.


He loved the way they would break the problems down in order to come up with workable solutions.


He’s retired now but still offering his experience as a management consultant.


When he's not writing, he’s often found drinking his oat-milk latte in one of his favourite coffee shops.


He loves his family, cooking, reading, cycling and walking his Vizlador dog.


You can keep in touch with Warren via the web:



Adventures & Angels

Book 1 is currently awaiting production and will be available during mid-August 2022 in both print and eBook